New Year Anniversary

sparkles Around the world today, people from all walks of life are celebrating the New Year. Who doesn’t? Everyone wants to join a mood of fun right? Only that some do it in extreme ecstasy, most with family, while others I reckon just in fallacy. As for me, well, it doesn’t matter for now. I just want to honour this 1st day of the year 2015 something differently. Because, today marks the day I created this website! [] (“,) wooohooo. So that from this time forward, I will not only be celebrating the New Year but also the anniversary of this website. (*<>*) Double woohoo! So why did I created this? I don’t know. Can’t sort out much yet…but definitely to be the sole outlet of my unexpressed emotions and unprocessed emotions. I talk a lot to just myself lately. Is that a good sign? Oh dear, don’t tell me NO! My mind justifies that we need solitude somewhere for us to figure out something right. Anyhow, If you have read this first post, then I say sincerely – “Thank You!” at least I am assured, I am not alone. Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary soon!