Daily Moments Create Treasured Lessons

father and daughter motorcycle 2

It’s raining outside and my mind travels back to more than a decade ago when my father used to drive me to work using his motorcycle. It’s kinda tricky on rainy days when we need to shelter for a while under a building or a tree we see; or sometimes when almost late – we will just storm through the wet and damp roads wearing a hoodie waterproof coat over a formal office (skirt) uniform. You can just imagine how hideous I might look there for a while! But can you also picture my father keeping his composure, patience and determination to bring me to the office in time despite sometimes of literally “mild storm”? Well, I can tell you more! Yes, my dad is really superb! In those times I told you, he even lends me his coat when I forget mine. He doesn’t mind getting all wet. He wears goggles and helmet for safety and a pair of brown leather shoes for comfort. Jeans and shirt are enough for him under a tropical weather. As simple as he is, he keeps reminding me that “We don’t need much to go through life. Most often they become excess baggageKeep the essentials and focus on the time, for time like some things are valuable and will never again come by. His simple words alwlovelettersays resonate to me in a lot of ways. Most often not only for the moment but for a lifetime. I can remember one conversation we had when he said, “When you grow old, you would know that the heart and mind doesn’t. Only your physical appearance. So it’s by decision that you attune your actions.” For me, that was funny at the moment, because we were talking secretly about my mother. But over time I realised it’s true! Lastly, he said one time, “It’s not by fate that you commit mistakes. It’s the lack of direction that makes you feel like one. So if you’re at a loss, pause for a while but don’t stay there for long. Life is lessons learned and we improve through time. Some people will depend on you so think of them and go on.” Indeed, we don’t need to create fancy moments to create treasured memories and learnings. For me, it is in those many daily motorcycle rides that I get to assimilate my dad’s words of wisdom. I might have other options in those times to take a taxi ride. I’m glad I didn’t or else I won’t have to take with me those valuable moments that get me through any tide. I’m sure you have your own moments too when nostalgia brings you back not only memories but valuable lessons and persons that make you who you are now. Here’s to all of those times and those persons that made a difference in us! Cheers!

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