The Only Thing That Stops You is Yourself

“As long as there is a will, there is nearly always a way.” Cliche as it may sounds but indeed this line struck me at the moment when I feel like everything is just too plain and uninspiring.

Allow me to share with you excerpts from the inspirational book – God’s Devotional Book that I came across this morning. It talks about David Rabin, a professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University, and his ordeals:

David Rabin was only forty-five when he was diagnosed with ALS (#IceBucketChallenge), which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The disease causes gradual paralysis throughout the body and there is no treatment or cure. Rabin, knew well the progression of the disease. He says that when he first learned of the disease in medical school, ‘none frightened me more’.

Rabin was determined, however, to continue to live and work as normally as possible. When he could no longer examine patients, he served as a consultant. When he could no longer get to the hospital, laboratory teams came to his home for regular conferences. In this way, he was able to direct an active research programme.

Then he could no longer turn the pages of a book with his hands, he got a machine that turned the pages automatically. When he lost his voice, he found a computer that became a vehicle for both speaking and writing – it operates on impulses from eyebrow muscles. He has said, ‘ I talk to my family – that is most wonderful. I can make conversation with friends…I can work independently again…and I am able to interact with the persons in my laboratory.’

Indeed, Rabin’s story of persistence and resourcefulness is inspiring. It tells us that there is nothing that we cannot do to anything that we set our mind to.

This also meant that there is always something that we can do to inspire ourselves when sometimes the dailyness of life becomes too simple and uninspiring. We cannot expect others to do it for us. It has to come from within us. And the first step to do is to decide to do something that makes us happy. After all, the only thing that stops you is yourself. Don’t let depression get in the way.

Once again – dream and play!

Do some crafts like when we were kids! Watch a movie! Grab a good book! Call a friend! Bike and fly a kite! Play in the snow! Travel! Donate to charity! Bake a cake! Dance like no one is watching! 🙂

I know there are still a lot of inspirational activities that I may have left out. You can tell me more by leaving your comments.

I know you’ve got what it takes. Stay in touch. Stay inspired!

3 thoughts on “The Only Thing That Stops You is Yourself

  1. Run like your legs are not your own. Enjoy nature by walking through them. 🙂 I love dancing but to be honest I am far from dance like no one is watching. Its a goal I am working to, because I love dance too much.


    • Thanks for taking time to drop your comments potatofag! That’s great! Dance with your heart that even when steps go wrong, just dance to the beat of your own drum. Good luck with your dancing!

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