I Will Stand By You

When you’re tired, weary and feeling all alone, remember there is always someone out there that cares for you. Sometimes, we get too overwhelmed with our ordeals that we forget to see and appreciate the people around us – our partner, friend, family, nurse, caregiver, therapist, and even our online chat mate. For sure, there is always somebody we might just failed to notice but who has always been there for us no matter what we go through.

So today’s post, I’m sharing with you another inspirational song titled “I Will Stand By You” by Marlisa Punzalan that reminds us not only of the people who have always been there for us but most especially of Someone Up There who will always say these exact lines in the song for you:

“Stand By You” by Marlisa

The hurt in your eyes will never disguise
The spark that lived there before
And I know that you’re so much more
Than you’re showin’

The clouds in your head will bring you to tears
But I will catch every drop
Even if it don’t ever stop
‘Cause you’re worth it, you’re worth it

* When you fight for every breath
And the waves are overhead
Let me lay your mind to rest

I will stand by you

When all of your dreams are shattered
And your world is left in tatters
When you’re lost we’re lost together
I’ll stand by, I will stand by you

If black is your brightest colour
If hurt is your only lover
When you fight, we fight together
I’ll stand by, I will stand by you

I will stand by you [3x]

The war in your head will shoot you down dead
So don’t even try to win
Is it worth it all in the end?
I don’t think so

Try to embrace the lines on your face
The story of who you are
‘Cause I love what I’ve read so far
I mean it, I mean it

(repeat *)

I hope you liked the song. Remember, “time and season may pass, people may change, but your God never will.

Thanks for dropping by! I wish you lots of inspiration.

xxx LynDurante

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