How to have a Beautiful Day

All of us have our dark moments where we think unlucky or unpleasant things just seem to happen all at once sometimes. So here is another song which I hope will give you focus and inspiration for those times.

We know, that “with positivity comes good energy”. So why not start it with a good music?

This is entitled “Beautiful Day” by Elize. Never miss this! Truly great song!

Beautiful Day” by Elize

Hey you
I know what you’ve been going through
Rainclouds in the sky follow you
Sometimes you don’t know what to do
Brand new day but you’re feeling blue

Cause when you’re in the dark
Once you lose your spark
Everything seems so hopeless
With positivity comes good energy
All you need is your focus
Cause when your smiling you’ll move mountains and be
Somewhere much better if you only believe

Look up at the sun
Cause it’s shining for you
It’s a beautiful day
It’s a beautiful day
See a million colours
And you’ll feel brand new
It’s a beautiful day
It’s a beautiful day

Hope you had a good time singing your heart out! Thanks for taking time to like and share this!

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