Thoughts on Life’s Mystery


I’m having some chest pains a couple of days lately. I don’t know why but I guess some eating habits of mine need to change. Feeling this, suddenly thoughts about death and leaving my two small daughters behind is making me sad and a lot fearful. How I pray that my time has not yet come. I am not afraid of death itself though, but I don’t think I will be happy in my second life not being able to take good care of my daughters.

Now as I write, my thoughts shift to those people suffering some kind of pain from any type of illness, trauma or accident. For sure, their head is also full of questions, anxiety and worry. Thoughts like what will happen next, when will the pain end, will there be solutions, what were the causes and most especially how will this affect my loved ones.

Indeed Life is so mysterious! Yet, it’s something that in a nutshell – we always want to control and create as being perfect. We plan of glorious and happy things not just for ourself but more for others. However, one day we get sick and everything becomes useless. We get stuck. We hear health conscious people getting ill then we question “why?”.

I reckon, only our Faith can answerIt’s that inner voice we have that longs for a conversation!

So now I tell myself – To God be the Glory! My worries — I lift up to Him. Only He can fulfil every need and desire I have! As to all my plans, only He can give great surprises and delights that goes far beyond my expectations! He blesses me with good things. And the same I pray to all those in need of His blessings!

For those who have gone past all the bewilderment stage despite their ordeal, I congratulate you for being able to put on a smile already despite the pain. In this way, I am inspired to say Life goes on! Every day is a new beginning!