Merry Christmas! Good To Be Alive.

Have-a-wonderful-christmas-2012-timeline-cover-photo-for-facebook1It has been quite a while since I last posted here on my blog. But I just cannot contain this great feeling that the Christmas spirit brings. It may not be the same for everyone out there especially if you are going through something at the moment or perhaps you just can’t find any reason to celebrate at all.

I feel you! I can remember well that there were some years too that that I didn’t feel this good as today. I mean, it is never the same always. I had my highs and lows.

I cannot figure out the difference between the past Christmases from today, but I tell you – “That things don’t stay for long. Everything shall pass.  Good or bad, they will always have a season and a reason. ” 

Sad news and experiences are there for a reason. Its purpose may not be clear at a certain point in time, but again they are not there forever. Sometimes good feelings come from the decision to choose to be happy and let go of what it is that binds us from bringing bright colours into our life. And that is what I am doing now… Thus, I wanna share this song from Meghan Trainor – “Good To Be Alive”.

My favourite lines from the lyrics of this song are:

  • I know you’ll wake up one day and say
    Damn, I got things to do
    Damn, I got mountains to move
    And it ain’t about how sad it could be
    It’s about how good it should be
  • Gonna wake up every day like it’s Christmas
    Gonna celebrate this life I’m given
  • Put your hands up if you’re ready to have some fun
    Oh, it feels so good to be alive
  • Gonna tell my mother every day I love her
    And tell her “thanks for being such a good mother”
    From now on

So without holding you for long, here is the video lyrics of it. Enjoy!

Once again, Happy Christmas everyone! XOXO