Brave, Honest, Beautiful

Reading  today’s Daily Prompt: Harmony has given me a mental block. It seems that I cannot even think of a word to write about. For sure, if it’s only one of those fuelled up days, I might even draft up to a 3000 word blog. (That’s seldom though!).

However, guess what? Suddenly while listening to my playlist music on youtube, I heard this upbeat, youthful, inspiring song. It captured my attention not for its rhythm but for its lines –

  • Don’t go and waste your precious time with all the nonsense on your mind.
  • Don’t criticise yourself, no more; you’ve got a smile worth fighting for.
  • You just gotta remind yourself that you’re amazing baby

Oh yes, Thank You! I just need those lines. I think we all do, in times when we feel a bit dull.

But where’s harmony word there? Well, that’s the lucky part – this song entitled Brave, Honest, Beautiful is sung by Fifth Harmony! Yup! There’s the word.

So, without holding you for long, here are its complete lyrics in both words and video. Hope you enjoy it!

Brave, Honest, Beautiful

by: Fifth Harmony
Don’t go and waste your precious time
With all the nonsense on your mind, no
Don’t criticize yourself no more
You’ve got a smile worth fighting for
Yeah you’ve got everything
With your perfect porcelain
Ain’t no one compare to it
You just gotta remind yourself
That you’re amazing baby
Break it down in every way
Could be smiling every day
You just gotta remind yourself
You can dance like Beyoncé
You can shake like Shakira
‘Cause you’re brave, yeah you’re fearless
And you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful
So whine like Rihanna
Go and pose like Madonna
‘Cause you’re brave, yeah you’re honest
And you’re beautiful you’re beautiful girl
This is such a great reminder song to  be yourself!
Remember, you’re one in a million! And you can make a difference.