I am My Daughter’s Apprentice

child's artwork photoHere are a few artworks created lovingly by my 7 year old daughter, who has never undergone a formal art education. This is her first attempt in creating a portrait of herself and our family.

Bragging aside, I can’t help but be mesmerised at how she is able to do these things on her own without anyone mentoring her.

You see, my kids inspire me in so many ways. They are even my alter-ego for the self-esteem I never had in my younger days.

My eldest even literally told me – “Never be afraid to try something you love to do. You just need to try even if your first attempt will be imperfect. Everyone has a lot of second chances after that anyway.”

In fact, she also said to me “Mum, in our school we are taught persistence. Do you know what it means?” And I quote her words:

  • PERSISTENCE is an act of never giving up.
  • PERSISTENCE is doing things again and again until you get better at something.
  • PERSISTENCE is an act of always trying again even if you fail.

Indeed! I am my daughter’s apprentice in these things. And I see her credible enough as I can attest at how she has been persistent in her craft:

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.46.58 pm

Meanwhile, my youngest who is 3 years old at the moment even showed me her painting too and said, “See mama. I told you I can do better than anyone.”


“Of course!” I said.

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