23 Best Things About Being a Kid, says the Kids

Don't Grow Up. It's a Trap.

Yes! Don’t Grow Up! It’s a Trap! We saw these prints on a shirt for kids. Danger was at the back.

I admit! Adulting is kinda hard. And I just wish sometimes that I am back to being a kid. Don’t you? I mean, I reckon that when one becomes a grown up, naturally, we want to become more responsible. As well as more in control and careful with our actions. What is more challenging is – when you’re a grown up, you have bills to pay!

So, to remind us once again on how great is it to be kids, here are statements from the kids themselves: 

  1. I don’t have to do all the jobs at home – Charice
  2. You can play lots of games – Cher
  3. You get taken cared of by your parents – Jay
  4. Not having to do hard adult work – Gel
  5. You don’t have to pay for things – Cashie
  6. You get to play on the playground – Pao
  7. I don’t have to have a job or money – Wen
  8. Having lots of Free Time – Mollie
  9. Jumping and playing on the swings – Vara
  10. Not being old – Jaycee
  11. Playing on the Playground – Carla
  12. Having fun colouring in – Carlos
  13. Drawing – Misha
  14. We get to learn new things at school – Boy
  15. Playing at the Park – Solea
  16. Play jokes on adults – May
  17. You have lots of toys to play with – Milo
  18. Listen to Taylor Swift songs with my Mum – Sofia
  19. You get to play lots of sports – Baiden
  20. Play with your friends – Marie
  21. Playing with my Lego – Charlie
  22. You get to play with your friends – Bass
  23. Playing in the playground – Harvey

The above responses were from my daughter’s 7 year old friends, but not in their real names here.

Can you spot the top 3 things that kids love best about being a child? For one, I can say -Playing is one of the most mentioned. Second is the not having to worry about money and chores. Third, what do you think? Let me know your thoughts!

What is it that you love doing when you were a child? Do you think it is too late to do it? Of course not! Me, I love art and scrapbooking still. So go on! Do it now. =) It’s the same with these lines –

You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing. – Michael Pritchard

don't stop laughing

Thanks for reading!

via Daily Post: Danger!

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  1. These responses were too cute and some days yes, I would rather go off to the playground than do adult stuff like go to work at my job so I would have enough money to pay for stuff! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the smile. Now it’s back to adulting.

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