My Pink 6 year old Surfer


My Pink Surfer Girl, at 6 years of age

Yes, this is my pink surfer girl!

I have never surfed before. That is why I am so delighted to see my daughter into the Surf Life Saving Club for tots, every summer for two years now. It looks cool, but believe me, their training is hard. They have to dip, dive, slide into the water for most of the sessions. Meanwhile, in the first quarter of every two-hour training, they jog along the beach shoreline at approximately 25 meters distance and back. After that are sets of sand play that enhances flexibility and teamwork, all age appropriate.

surf life saving club australia kids

Yes! That amazing, at a young age!

Needless to say but I can remember myself being so afraid of seawater when I was the same age as her. I would always need a cuddle or an inflatable swim ring around me then. However, this girl does not need any of these. She is just loving the experience! Despite the wind, high waves and the cold!

I guess this little girl is lucky she got me as her cheerleader!


Surf Life Saving Australia

Overall, what I want to convey to everyone is – it is always a mother’s wish to see her child as happy as she deserve.

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