Wordplay Saturday ( week 3)

This happens to me all the time – L’ésprit d’escalier”. Find out more about the word from Shooting Star. =)

Bohemian Vistas

Yupz!! we are in the third week of wordplay and I am truly happy with your lovely feedback. So I thought I would go with one of the most interesting words of one hell of a popular language!! Yeah, you guessed right, it’s French! And here goes the word :-

L’ésprit d’escalier” – youknow how we all sometimes have anargument and come up with the perfect witty comeback just a few hours too late? Well, if you just said “oh I know that! ” then this expression is for you. L’esprit d’escalier is the feeling of finding the perfect retort but just a bit too late, when you can’t help cursing yourself more than the person you were actually fighting with !!! So, this word too, quite naturally does not have a direct English translation but it literally translates to “staircase wit” or “afterwit” . The 18th…

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