Envy and Self Compassion

jealous envy

Lately, as I bring my child to school and attend their various activities, I feel a certain ill feeling of jealousy over other kids receiving certain weekly awards while my daughter hasn’t yet. I don’t know why until I asked myself – Why do we envy others? Is it normal? Continue reading

Leave The Past, Today Life Begins

Herewith is another inspirational song that reminds us to make the best of today. As the saying goes “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift, that’s why we call it Present.” Today is indeed a gift as we are given the chance to make beautiful tomorrows. “The Past is behind, there is nothing we can do about it, so Learn from it; The Future is ahead, Prepare for it; The Present is here, Live it.Continue reading

I Will Stand By You

When you’re tired, weary and feeling all alone, remember there is always someone out there that cares for you. Sometimes, we get too overwhelmed with our ordeals that we forget to see and appreciate the people around us – our partner, friend, family, nurse, caregiver, therapist, and even our online chat mate. For sure, there is always somebody we might just failed to notice but who has always been there for us no matter what we go through. Continue reading

Do You Worry? Go Higher!


I do worry. It is a lot stressful! Then after a while, they still do not offer solution. Just more worry.

So, let me share with you excerpts from Dr. Clovis Chappell’s book (Questions Jesus Asked): Continue reading

No One Else Can Do It But You

“Hi There! How are you?” I hope your day today is a bit different from yesterday. If yesterday seemed dull and lifeless, I wish it full of happiness and inspiration today. If it was however good already, I want that it will be more inspirational! =) So, allow me to share to you this song – “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield, which reminds us to go out of our shell, decide to be happy and just write our own story. And, yes, no one else can do it for you but you!

Hope you like this video with its lyrics available to sing your heart out.

Continue reading

The Only Thing That Stops You is Yourself

“As long as there is a will, there is nearly always a way.” Cliche as it may sounds but indeed this line struck me at the moment when I feel like everything is just too plain and uninspiring. Continue reading

Even Family Sees Happiness Differently


“Why do people show off?” These are the words that I asked after I was done “Skype-ing” with my family. Over the computer, they showed me how they were celebrating with the finest wines and food on the table and how great they feel to have all the glitz and glam, not to mention the new things they got last Christmas. So, the whole call went around those things without them even asking me how am I doing in a far away land with only a thin possibility of ever meeting them again in the near future. It’s like all they care is their bragging and how they accumulated things over time!

I don’t know if anyone of you ever experienced this. But I just felt worse after the call.

This led me to “Google-ling” the exact questions I have and received an answer from this site 2KnowMySelf. What struck me are these lines –

“From the outside showy people appear to be happy, possessing many things that others really want and sometimes superior. But what most people don’t know is that their inside is much different.”

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